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Maintenance & Repair of Mechanical Braking Systems


A perfectly functioning braking system is vital not just for your safety, but that of accompanying passengers and fellow drivers on the road. Most vehicles today, come armed with a myriad number of safety features controlled primarily by electronic systems. Although these systems ensure a very high level of security, they are subject to natural wear and tear, and it is thus extremely important to service them regularly to ensure optimal functioning.


At Horsepower UAE, we check the condition of all the part that are subject to abrasion, such as brake pads, brake disks and brake fluid. Should it be a necessity, we help replace damaged or worn out parts.

  • Attractively priced packages for removal and installation/replacement with genuine brake discs, brake pads as well as brake fluid.

  • Comprehensive range of original equipment standard products in actuation.

  • The latest test equipment for expert diagnosis and repair.

Diagnostics & Repair for Driving Safety Systems (ABS/ ASR/ ESP)


Aided by cutting edge mechanical, diagnostics, and analytic technologies, our automotive experts will will help service you vehicle's safety systems to the best of their ability.


  • Diagnostic data for all safety systems and types of vehicle.

  • Full range of original equipment standard and recommended products.

  • The latest test equipment for perfect maintenance and repair.

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