Paintwork, accidental repairs, customization- We've got your covered.

A helping hand for the mechanical system

If you're having problems with the mechanical components on-board your vehicle, you can rely on our specially trained experts to put things in place once again. Be it the exhaust system, the shock absorbers or the toothed belts, we've got you covered. Owing to many years of experience in the industry, the use of the latest test equipment, and access to the necessary technical data, our experts can quickly and professionally perform any mechanical system work your vehicle may require. Should repairs and replacements be necessary, we always use pristine quality spare parts.

Expertise from the brakes to the exhaust system

The exhaust system is one of the most important mechanical components in a vehicle. If the front or rear muffler is defective, this results in both higher fuel consumption and long-term engine damage. As this system continually vibrates, and is constantly exposed to external influences, corrosion damage, vibration-induced holes or cracking may occur over the course of time. Horsepower UAE workshop personnel will be pleased to service and repair your exhaust system and make sure the entire system is finely balanced from the design and positioning of the individual components right through to the flexible mounts.

Shock absorbers – a hidden hazard 

50% of all accidents can be attributed to the poor condition of shock absorbers in vehicles more than 10 years old or with more than 150,000 km on the clock. And serious faults can even be found in 9.3% of cars only 3 years old. Well worth knowing: Defective dampers can make the braking distance up to 20% longer and considerably increase tire wear. On top of that they reduce adhesion and impair cornering stability. So, we recommend having your shock absorbers checked by an expert at regular intervals.

This advice could save your car from an accident


Did you know that the safety systems in your car like ABS or ESP will not work with faulty shock absorbers? A faulty shock absorber increases the braking distance of your car to a point where it becomes longer than of a vehicle without ABS integrated into its system. We highly recommend regular shock absorber checks by an expert and prompt replacement, should there be any issues, in the interest of your own safety.