When it comes to safety we don't make any compromises. Servicing at Horsepower UAE guarantees you a top-notch service and pristine quality auto safety parts.

Expert minds for intelligent safety systems

The professionals at HPG workshops know all there is to know about driving safety systems. They have the necessary specialist knowledge and the essential test equipment. So, they are fully equipped to give all the driving safety systems in your car a thorough service and perform any necessary repairs – for ABS, ASR or ESP®.

Systematic safety

It more or less goes without saying that HPG workshop always have the full range of brake products to original equipment standard available. We also have constant access to the data required for safety system maintenance, so that we can offer reliable and professional trouble-shooting and fault rectification. 

ABS, ASR and ESP® – and whatever else your car may have. The following is a brief outline of the most important safety systems to enable you to contact a HPG expert directly if you have a problem.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) 

ESP prevents possible skidding if a vehicle gets out of control because of cornering at high speed for example. It does so by acting on the brake or engine control system to stop uncontrolled swerving. 

Traction control system (TCS) 

TCS regulates the drive torque to stop the wheels spinning on driving off or accelerating. This guarantees not only stability but also steer ability.

Antilock braking system (ABS) 

If the wheels lock up because of hard braking, the vehicle will no longer respond to steering action. ABS technology then automatically reduces the brake pressure so that the individual wheels do not come to a standstill and remain under control