Diesel systems

Would you have known these are not just on a par with gasoline engines, in some cases they are even far superior. The use of innovative common rail injectors and high-pressure fuel injection pumps makes diesel engines even quieter, more refined and very powerful. Specialist knowledge, a good deal of experience, and the appropriate test equipment are however required for the maintenance and repair of such complex systems – all of which are available from the Horsepower UAE professionals.


A quick li'l tip


Have a basic diesel check performed on your vehicle at regular intervals. This includes system cleaning and the replacement of the diesel filters, thus helping eliminate and prevent soot deposits and gumming-up of the injectors. Your benefit is quite obvious; lesser emissions, a quieter cabin, low fuel consumption and optimum cold starting.


Test equipment from and for diesel experts

Be it the TDI, common rail or soot filter, our qualified workshop personnel undergo regular advanced training to keep themselves abreast with all the latest technical developments. This ensures that they are always well-informed about how systems work and how to best make use of the latest test equipment.


When serviced by Horsepower UAE, you can always expect an economical, clean and high-performance operation from your diesel vehicle.