All we ask of you, is to trust our trust our qualified personnel and their expertise, and we guarantee you a solution to any issues you might have with your electronic systems on-board.

We have the necessary expertise

Should you have a problem with the electronics on-board your vehicle, your best bet is relying on capabilities and expertise of our technicians, and we guarantee you an effective solution.

All technicians at Horsepower UAE acquire their expertise in the form of intensive training courses and the hands-on experience that dealing with numerous clients and their diverse requirements offers. From battery management and vehicle electronics to electronically controlled injection systems and electronically supported driver assistance systems- we can confidently walk you through your issues with the most serpentine of automotive parts.

Interlinked safety

The increasing number of electronic system components and more extensive electrical equipment makes vehicle repair ever more challenging. This means that servicing of the complex electrical system in a vehicle involves far more than just changing a defective bulb or replacing a blown fuse. The electronic components not only communicate with one another; they sometimes cannot function without one another.


Our experts are ideally equipped to deal with such problems and can always be relied upon for professional car repairs.