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Oil Change and Filter Replaement


10,000 kilometers. That's the deadline for having the condition of your oil filter and engine oil checked and replaced as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Horsepower UAE workshop can offer professional oil change and filter replacement (incl. recording in the service booklet) We will ensure that the old oil is disposed of appropriately, abiding by environmental laws.


  • Quick, reliable and inexpensive.

  • Use of top quality oil and new oil filters.

  • Proper disposal of old oil.

  • Record of service work.

Engine Diagnostics


Cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day; and this transcends to a demanding challenge for workshops to be able to cope up. Modern engine management systems control the fuel injection process electronically, thus guaranteeing optimum engine performance coupled with economical fuel consumption.


At Horsepower, we take pride in our ability to be liquid to changing trends and developments in the automotive arena. Equipped with the best technologies that science has to offer, we guarantee you flawless diagnostics and a high quality of service. 


  • Fault analysis with the latest diagnostic equipment.

  • Correct adjustment ensures optimum engine performance.

  • For all common vehicles and engine management systems.

  • Fully qualified workshop personnel thanks to regular advanced training.

Diesel Service

If you have a diesel vehicle, it is guaranteed to be in the best possible hands at Horsepower. Our experts provide everything from trouble-shooting right through to "present value" repair and maintenance.


  • Reasonably priced, "present value" repair work.

  • Genuine spare parts to OEM standard.

  • Highly qualified diesel experts and the latest test equipment.

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