Combined half-yearly general inspection and exhaust emission tests.

Every Half-year

General inspections and exhaust emission tests are prescribed by the UAE Law, every six months.

At Horsepower UAE, we carry out general inspection and exhaust emission tests round the year. The exhaust emission test is performed first. The purpose of this is to measure the pollutant emissions of your vehicle and validate whether they are within the UAE legal limits. This is then followed by the general inspection, which involves an authorized expert checking the safety of your vehicle and awarding the corresponding sticker if the results are satisfactory.

Conveniently obtain your test sticker

Our garages perform consolidated general inspections and exhaust emission tests in accordance with the legal requirements. Our trained personnel ensure that your vehicle's emission levels are in check. Upon completion of the above-mentioned tests, we will provide you with the measurement protocols for the maintenance work performed.


What's more, we closely cooperate with and pollution control board, and taking steps to reduce the automotive industry's carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future.

Basic check for greater safety

In good news, we have reports stating that the number of people killed in traffic accidents in steadily declining. However, flip the coin over and recent surveys have it that there are significant mechanical faults in approximately 20% of all the vehicles on the road. More often than not, this is a result of poor maintenance.

Horsepower UAE aims to help solve this issue by providing inexpensive, yet extremely effective maintenance services.