Ensuring that you have a hassle free holiday.

Straight to your destination

A thorough holiday check before long drives or road trips is not only good for your car's health; but is also of direct importance to the safety of all vehicle occupants.


We use the latest diagnostic equipment for comprehensive checking to locate any possible faults and put fix them. This is primarily intended to reduce the risk of accidents and annoying breakdowns during your well-earned break.

Planning a journey by car

Interstate road trips and long drives often have you traversing through long stretches of uninhabited regions. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Often times you might not have access to mobile networks as well, let alone seeking help from another human being.

It is definitely a wise idea to consider performing a holiday check before you embark on your trip. You can count on Horsepower UAE's expertise in the automotive domain, to ensure that you have a hassle free trip.

The scope of our holiday check includes- but is not limited to- looking at wearing parts and safety-related components to check that they are in proper working order, a very important requirement for a safe trip. Should any issues come to light, we will put them right, straight away. Once you're done with the check, off you go. A holiday check is better than a holiday shock.

The Hygroscopic Test: Making sure your brakes actually brake.

Do you know what the hygroscopic test is? It is certainly not another word for travel sickness. It quite simply means that the brake fluid in your car is constantly absorbing water. If this reaches a level of more than 3%, vapor bubbles may develop at high temperatures and be compressed on braking. This hampers the build-up of sufficient brake pressure and in the worst case can lead to total failure of the entire braking system.

This is just one example of how we can use our expertise in this domain to help ensure your safety while driving.