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General Inspection & Exhaust Emission Test- RTA Car Registration


If your car is next due for its half-yearly official general inspection and exhaust emission test, we're the ones to reach out to, in Dubai. Not only can we perform all the necessary work for the general inspection and emission tests, but also diagnose and rectify any possible defects, beforehand.


  • Combined general inspection and exhaust emission test.

  • A quick and easy way to obtain your test sticker.

  • Test and measurement protocols for all maintenance work performed.

Professional 20 Point Check


At Horsepower, we give prime importance to safety. Let us perform a thorough check on all mechanical, electronic and safety systems in your car. We guarantee you a quick, reasonably priced service and a safer, more agile vehicle post servicing.

  • For all makes and models of any age.

  • Cutting edge diagnostics.

  • Genuine spare parts to OEM standard on replacement.

Professional Inspection


Regardless of your vehicle's build, model, or age, our automotive experts can perform routine professional inspections and carry out necessary maintenance procedures to ensure that your driving experience is hassle free and safe.

  • Comprehensive, professional service covering all aspects of the car.

  • High quality maintenance and repair by experienced, skilled and company-trained professionals.

  • Reliable service.

Holiday Check


"Prevention is better than cure." Before you embark on your next long drive or road trip, stop by at Horsepower UAE and our experts will give your car a full check to make sure you enjoy a pleasant, trouble-free journey and don't have to deal with a break-down in the middle of a 500 mile interstate highway- trust us, that's a disastrous situation to be in.


  • For all vehicle models of any age.

  • Qualified, high-speed fault diagnosis.

  • Genuine spare parts to OEM standard.

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