Braking systems are essential for the safety of your car. At the same time, braking systems and their parts are very susceptible to wear and tear. It is therefore, very important to perform periodic maintenance on your braking systems.

Long term health of your car

The engine compartment, beneath the floor of the passenger compartment is home to a host of mechanical parts that endure regular wear and tear. This applies to brake parts, exhaust system corrosion and affects the transmission oil (brake fluid). because this type of wear is not always immediately apparent, it is a good idea to have your car inspected at regular intervals, to avoid more expensive sudden repairs in the future, that are not only guaranteed to drain your wallet, but also endanger your safety.

Expert advice for you


Do you have the feeling that your vehicle's braking distance is too long? This could be due to excessive aging of the brake fluid and if so, it should be changed without further ado. Checking and changing the brake fluid are in fact the most important vehicle maintenance operations. As the fluid constantly absorbs water, vapor bubbles may develop should the water temperature rise above 3%. at high temperatures if the water content rises to above 3%. On braking, these bubbles compress and may prevent the build-up of sufficient brake pressure. In the worst case this can lead to total failure of the entire braking system.


Our recommendation: For your own safety have the brake fluid in your car changed once every year or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


Our expertise is your best insurance

When it comes to installing, removing and replacing brake pads and discs, you can always count on our outstanding expertise. Constant access to all the technical data and maintenance procedures required guarantees that we can do the work reliably and professionally. And, this applies to virtually any automobile model out there. Using the latest workshop equipment and genuine auto spare parts ensure optimum safety on the road.

Brake checking is a matter of trust

It is essential to be able to trust the maintenance and repair work performed on your braking system, which is why we pay attention to the finest of details when replacing brake pads and discs. We place our trust in the outstanding quality of high-grade products because we refuse to accept any compromises when it comes to the concern of your safety.


Your safety is our goal

When it comes to maintenance and repair of the entire braking system in your vehicle you can always rely on the expertise of our workshop personnel. They attend regular training courses to make sure they are updated with all the latest technical developments. What's more, they have constant access to all the technical data and maintenance procedures required – for virtually any make of car on the market. And all the latest workshop equipment and genuine spare parts from Horsepower UAE guarantee the highest possible safety standards.