A comprehensive, affordable and effective car inspection service.

All-round package for your car

At Horsepower UAE, vehicle inspection is always performed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Our trained personnel will closely scrutinize every component of your car and ensure that things are in place.


Although we primarily zero in on analyzing the engine, electronics and braking systems, we will also look into other issues such as oil changes, filter replacements, fluid top-ups of the repair of worn out/ defective auto parts.

All round inspection

At HPG our expert personnel undertake a thorough check of your car to diagnose vehicle trouble shooting, throughout the year. Our all-round inspection includes:


  • Braking system testing

  • Air-conditioning checks

  • Filter replacement (air filter, oil filter and fuel filter)

  • Oil & fluid replacement and top-up (oil, coolant, brake fluid etc.)

  • Battery checks

  • Electrical checks (Horns, lighting, starter motor and alternator)

  • Transmission checks

  • Wiper blade replacement

  • Tyre check (balancing, alignment, pressure checks etc.)


Should you have availed for any of our Horsepower UAE's maintenance services, you will enjoy the benefits of our 24/7/365 roadside emergency service, and much more. Click here to learn about our benefits.