How to chose your next car in 5 steps | New and used cars Dubai

Buying a vehicle can be a time consuming process; and an expensive one too!

Here are 5 tips to make your work a tad bit easier:

1. Prioritizing needs and figuring out requirements

Picking the right car for you is very different from buying yourself a swiss-army knife; you can't have one tool that does it all.

The best bet, would be to pick out a handful of requirements, and find a car that suits you accordingly.

For instance, if you drive long distances on a regular basis and prioritize comfort a GT car might do you well. If however, you have a family of 5 and drive your kids to school often, you might want to go with a roomy, practical station wagon.

Cars that are well-rounded and attempt to give you the best of all worlds, come at generous prizes and still leave you wanting for more. Cars that excel at specific aspects generally deliver their sticker prices' worth.

2. Budgeting and financing

For most of us, our vehicles are major investments, making budgeting and looking for financing methods extremely important.

Take into consideration all the costs involved- car loan repayments, fuel costs, maintenance, repairs, registration, tolls and parking costs.

3. Price comparison and car finder tools

Used car prices, insurance plans, payment schemes and the like- there are tons of offerings out there and finding the right deal can be hard.

Lucky for you, there are now several price comparison and car finder tools that make the task of finding perfect deals easier for you. Make use of them.

4. Research, research and more research

The last thing you want to deal with, is the regret of having made a wrong purchase.

Use tools, seek advice; but at the end of the day, your research is what counts.

What are some topics to research? Prices, fuel economy, resale value, availability or spare parts, etc.

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is always recommended to consult with an automotive expert regarding your queries and seek some 'expert' advice. Be it queries related to servicing and maintenance, or just a general doubt, Horsepower UAE is just a call away ;)

Contact us today!

5. Don't forget the test drive

Prices and features alone won't give you a great driving experience; your perception of the vehicle will.

It's always a good idea to request your dealer for a test drive.

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