Car Maintenance in Dubai: How to maintain your vehicle in the hot summer?

Most people know how to maintain their vehicle in the winter. More often than not, the issue arises during the summer months.

“The most critical areas to check after the harsh winter months are engine fluids, radiator hoses, belts, tires and brakes,” says Pat Goss, host of PBS’ “MotorWeek” and Washington Post automotive columnist. “Adequately preparing these key areas of the car before the weather warms up will not only keep you safe while driving, they’ll help prevent costly repairs.”

Car maintenance in Dubai, differs to a decent extent when contrasted that in most countries, as a result of the comparatively warm weather prevailing through the majority of the year.

The following is a list of some of the most effective car maintenance tips you can follow to ensure the longevity of your ride:

  • Getting rid of all-season radials or winter tires:

With the tarmac reaching up-to 40 degree Celsius on some days, it is definitely not a very good idea to drive around in all-season tires during Dubai summers. Put aside your winter tires and get a new pair of wheels on your beautiful ride for the summer. At Horsepower UAE, we would be glad to assist you with tire replacements and maintenance services. Click here, to learn more.

  • Brakes and safety system check:

As warm as Dubai's climate might be, we do experience a brief period of winter rain, before the temperature shoots up yet again. It is definitely a good idea to do a thorough brakes and safety systems check on your vehicle, to ensure your safety and that of fellow passengers and drivers, during this seasonal change.

  • Maintain your wiper blades:

The summer heat can cause the rubber in your wiper blades to deteriorate. It is a good idea to get them inspected and replaced, to ensure that it does its task well, and doesn't scratch or damage your windshield in any way.

  • Get a thorough car wash done:

In addition to washing the exterior, be sure to thoroughly clean the underbody of your vehicle and underneath the rear and front bumpers to wash away any dirt build-up, which can lead to corrosion and rusting. While it is certainly recommended to use a high pressure sprayer, a garden hose could be a handy alternative.

  • Protect leather seats:

Leather or vinyl surfaces, such as the seats and dashboards are susceptible to cracking, sun damage, and fading. Be sure to thoroughly clean away any dirt/ abrasions, and apply a protective layering to prevent cracking and degradation. Keep in mind, that any protective layering must be maintained periodically, to ensure that it is serving its purpose well.

  • Make the right engine oil selection:

The type of motor oil you use in your engine, requires some serious thought. Environmental factors- primarily temperature and humidity- must be taken into consideration, when determining what viscosity of engine oil you must use. You must also take into consideration the recommendations made by your manufacturer.

In the event where you are clueless as to what you should use, a good gamble to play is to stick to fully synthetics engine oils, as they are designed to withstand hot weather, while optimizing engine performance and efficiency.

Check out the video below, to see how engine oil works:

  • Fluids check

Make sure to check, top off or replace all fluids, including brake, transmission, coolant, power steering and windshield washer fluid. The heat during summer months affects the fluid's viscosity and consistency, thus making periodic replacements mandatory for optimal functioning.

  • Pressure tests:

Assess the pressure of the cooling system, and examine belts and hoses for wear or deterioration.

  • Interior clean-up:

Warm weather consequently results in a stuffy cabin atmosphere. It only gets worse, when you have bits and pieces of garbage lying on your floor mats. Invest in a powerful, handy car vacuum cleaner and periodically clean your vehicle. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

  • Wash your car

All vehicles regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year. To preserve your car’s shine and protect the surface, wax your vehicle once it has dried completely.

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