We not only walk you through the process of purchasing a new set of wheels, but also perform alignment, tire pressure and inflation checks to ensure your safety out on the road.

Perfect all-rounded services

At Horsepower UAE, we provide all-rounded tire services for your car. We can walk you through the process of selecting and purchasing the right set of wheels for your ride, advising you on the periodicity of tire change, inflation pressure checks and condition of tire treads.

If required by you, we would be more than happy to check the wheel alignment of your vehicle and make necessary adjustments before fitting new tires, to prevent one-sided/ uneven tire wear.

Expert advice

Car tire rubber ages even when a car is not in use. So, you should replace your car tyres every 40,000 kms or as per your car manufacturer's recommendation, even if the tread is hardly worn. The following are a few parameters that you should check, before you purchase your next tire.

  • Tyre size: Refer the manufacturer's recommendation of the tyre size that is suited to the vehicle.

  • Application: Tires used on passenger cars may vary in its construction from those designed for off-highway cars and SUVs. So be sure of the type of vehicle you need to fit the tires on.

  • Usage: Always use a tire that is built for its intended usage. Tires used in highways or cities are built for a smoother drive, than those for off-road driving purchases.

  • Technology: Tubeless tires permit greater driving distance, and in case of a puncture and allow better control of the vehicle by decreasing sudden loss of air pressure.